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duced by breeding strictly Thoroughbred mares to trot-

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plained by the faulty condition of the blood-vessels,

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Medicare. Although the reductions only have slowed the

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<Clin. vet., Milano, v. 27 (35), 27 agosto, p. 215. [W a , W n \]

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She was treated by bone-graft surgery on October 31,

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during which time he had improper diet. He then was

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longitudinal movement, and is also provided with a simple

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and cyanosis. Further diagnostic inquiry should include a

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upon trial for the criminal offense the same as if no delay or postponement

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twelve cases of uterine and ovarian fibroids, during that

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has been obtained from both the serous and purulent exudate. The sputum

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bouillon cultures after incubation for 1 month. During incubation

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persist after other symptoms have disappeared, and, what

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The Pressure of the Air in the Respiratory Passages the Pulmonary

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tor as an important one in the etiology of prolapsus,

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all of his contemporaries and called his period "the

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tion to the activity and uniformity of the preparation used. Clinical

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affected side of the brain is anaemic ; and the contraction of the

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of the person before mentioned, and thus caught the disease. X one were

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"You can't teach me anything about raising children. I've

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unmixed. If a ferment of diastase or trypsin is to be effective in this

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tion of a slight degree of narcosis before ethyl chloride is ad-

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tion in 10 per cent formalin and Miiller's fluid six to ten days, in

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Finally, 100 head of cattle inoculated with cultures of this, coccus

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the Ferrocyanide and Ferridcyanide of Potassium, posses*

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authority. It is manifest that the opinions thus expressed by one who

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vol. xiii. 1888, p. 459 ; xiv. 1889, p. 367.-63. Zenker. Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med.

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be regarded as holding a foremost place. A number of excellent figures in

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1 on the rope, No. 3 lifting the foot and assisting in easing it, until it rests

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handling granulation tissue and newly-formed fibrous tissue, and the