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For a fuller and more technical account of this subject, the reader is referred to
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disease is mild, though the mortality report ismuch larger than
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hemiplegia are due to cortical encephalitis, set up by the
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All this while the bacillus tuberculosis had as yet not been
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of acute character were rare. Diseases of the skin were the most common
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demonstrate an important phy sical fact connected with the death of Christ — namely,
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the hamstring muscles together with the tendo Achillis are partly
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sheet arises. This may be the case, and the fact that
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a Houghton, J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 1898, XXXI, 959.
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a view was adopted by Dr. Cullen, the well-known Nosologist,
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dangerous to life, yet it always entails great suffering upon its subjects, and
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monly present during the convalescence of these patients. And
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In his text-book of the diseases of women, Professor Clarence Webster
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Aroj the tubercle bacillus, and the action is increased by adding 15
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granulating sore extending from the external angle of the ilium
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In this important inquiry we ask for proof of tlie efficacy of this
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then wounded, especially with instruments which had
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among advanced thinkers everywhere, and developed a degree of expectancy