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eking to the bottom of the vessel. The quantity of vapours of

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common practice which I must not omit to mention here, that is,

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fecting primarily the right eye. On directing the patient to close the left eye,

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because it is well known that in Addison^s disease pressure upon

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Latterly Ollivier has described a "new" variety of pyelo-

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When we enter upon a consideration of the pathology of the

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mal conditions exist, certain accepted facts stand out prominently

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(c) No T-branches should be allowed, except in vertical pipes.

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forward movement one breathes out and in straightening

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one or more definite cysts or solid tumors, generally in one lobe only of the

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separated by a current of air flowing in during inspiration, it is

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1. Goldwyn RM: Subcutaneous mastectomy. J Med Soc NJ

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in the liver and kidneys of man, but more particularly of ruminants.

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ounces of fluid were taken from the brain. Cripps believes that, even if cure

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Mr. Nunneley, Surgeon of Leeds, has announced as the result of a se-

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eat ; but if they have any appetite, well-boiled mashes should be

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H. — ^Whenever white and colored troops are treated in

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ard of cases for operation from all litter and perhaps the moi-e serious

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cient to destroy infective agents present in the buccal secretions

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It is an oedema from venous compression, due to the fact that the

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typical mental symi)toms, as, in fact, they did. The

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sions. The paroxysm was repeated at about midnight, and from then on the

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An important distinction must be drawn between compression by a

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ptosis there was no doubt about pyloric obstruction. The chemical

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sheep could be carried in a vessel with less height than

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mencing the administration of quina during the day, taking care to main-

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reference to the restoration of his blood, and the vitalizing of his

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favorable to the restoration of health and happiness, is the one whose

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ges, Pottawatamies, &c. In 1833, there occurred 9 cases of epidemic

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works CD this subject were deficient excelling, possibly, but certainly