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passes off. (3) It appears earlier for weak than for strong stimuli. (4)
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Announcement Of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Hospital. Hud-
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the unpleasantness of the remedy. There is no difficulty
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(saltpeter) and ferrous sulphate (green vitriol). They
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ulcerating intestine and a necrotic gall-bladder are touching; and (3)
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elliptica und Ascaris <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. u. Farasitenk., Jena, 2. J., v.
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a certain degree of power in exciting muscular contractions, as
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(Journal A. M. A., April 20, 1907) reports a similar case of
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While sodium estrone sulfate is the principal estrogen
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an operation confining him only forty-eight hours, other things being
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Fortunately we were able to obtain two antidiphtheric serums
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Therefore I recommend, as specially suitable, worm-
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provoke decomposition of pleuritic efi'usions. (3) This procedure
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means of the nurse, and should be so done as to rectify the curvature. (2)
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ties of blood-sera added to the reagent were respectively 2 drops,
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Tartaric acid, with cream of tartar, acid sulphate of potassa, and with
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Three years ago, an engineer from the mines of Altai, began to suffer
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cause error. The diagnosis of pleurisy is correct so far as it goes but there
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of property, the right which inhered in the plaintiff, as decedent's