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our Society, many of them distinguished men, and that inas-
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tended and there may be diarrhoea. In such a condition there is often great
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procession out of the city. It would reach from Washington to New
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majority of physicians have certain ideas on the subject. As a rule fat
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lol therapy is interrupted and exacerbation of angina occurs, it usually is advisable to
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certain temporary psychical disturbances. So al.so Beruhardt's
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increased in numbers. When we have such an increase in blood
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ting the capsule of submucoU's fibroids, y/rr ;v/y/na/Ai,
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in the Royal Free Hospital have been filled by women, and a
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seas, and consequently characterized by extremes of temperature and by
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at present in favor of several distinct varieties of the disease, which can
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A careful examination of medical literatiu-e shows but few
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must know even the peculiarities of the particular strain to be used.
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Dioscorides, approved by Matthiolus, repeated by Aldro-
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lute of the animal's freedom from the infection. In swine fever such
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Faculty Sponsors President Vice Secretary Treasurer
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have the periosteum attached to them, and consequently
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blow ; they do not increase, but grow lighter, or persist in the
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specimen, and had hoped that possibly it might prove
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port followed by a ringing sound. Felt dizzy ; after-
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ture, normal first three days ; when seen again a week later, temperature 104°,
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to how to best develop their powers. Still, to these
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Britain. Christison had already in 1829 published, in the Edin-
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The Absorption of Iron Preparations. — It is a now generally
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blance existing between the diseases of the lower animals and
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immediately recognized as his own youthful fabrication.
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keratosis, with corn-like elevations. Upon the elbows
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the fluoroscopic screen, while the tube is moving, and the
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United States have multiplied at an astonishing rate since World War II.