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the power to collect his bills from obstinate and ungrateful debtors,
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period, had moderate haemoptysis. Black sputa continued to come ftp for ten
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let it simmer gently until done. Time allowed, one hour after it
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hypertension. The remaining 10 percent of patients do not
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in the examination of new recruits. They were not numerous in any
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helpless idiot. He considered it important in forceps delivery to avoid sus-
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Yaacov S. Weiss, Internal Medicine; Beth Israel Medical
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examined by Dr. W. W. Weeks, who reported that there was indistinctness of
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The day after admiarion a fly-bliater was applied over the painful area. One
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cal hernia, one was a strangulated femoral, and another a stran-
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desquamated separately and not from cells which have separated
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the outer part of the fossa, towards the acromion, bulges out, it
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solute hydrocyanic acid, and having the odor of bitter almonds. As
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ing intravenous medication, precautions being taken not to draw off
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meningitis. It may follow attacks of pneumonia, of typhoid
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womb •, it penetrated through the hole in the womb
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munication Dr. Weir Mitchell has kindly favored the writer with the follow-
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Greenhow regarded it as due to "reflex irritation through the
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instance of scrotal disease. That cancer commences in
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and of good volume ; still drowsy, but the sleep was disturbed
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the cardiac weakness in pneumonia as due to poison-
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rosis, progressive muscular atrophy, athetosis, etc.,
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Tfther more in the region above the umbilicus; it was soft, not tender,
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Does the genetic hypothesis of obesity lead to fatalism? We
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the stimulus in the former direction is much the more powerful, and the con-
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A reliable process for preparing syrup of tar has long been a desi-
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manifested may resemble those of tubercular consumption.
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cream is necessary after dilution. If the top quarter
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cury as a Cholngogue. Gmelin found that an extraordinary
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*PRINCE, Morton H., 157 Boylston St., Boston — 1879. M. D.
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The past five years have demonstrated the fact that
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the neighborhood of the point of inoculation, may be
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its utility in gleet, diarrhoea, and chronic bronchitis."
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result of the slaughter of the immense herds of predatory
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the thorax was opened in the usual manner, by cutting through
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Charles James O'Hagan was pronounced, he arose and with that
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luminous, persuasive and inspiring teacher ; a close, accurate, and
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