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because they could afford to have a private physician. Fifty-
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head, to the palpitation of the heart, or to the local pain, till the
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period, while the yearly average of cloudy days was
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analysis must interrogate the total urine of twenty four hours.
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Other complications are sometimes met with which may vary accord-
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turned up so that only the sclerotic shows. The least
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cundity, and has become a charm against evil. It is
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refraction and surgical operations, 533; Gowers, W. R., a manual
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tions, and do not produce a commodity that is reliable. The work done at Nebraska
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of the gastric contents upon the unbroken pyloric wall will not meet
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slips of court-plaster will be found advantageous, by those who prefer the ope-
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spaces of Fontana (the spaces in the network of the
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weeks. Since her operation she has gained ten pounds in weight and her color
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and both the dorsum and palms of the hands. The eroption
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pensated for by increased activity of the cardiac muscle. As the
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committed, wherein the circumstances attending their perpetration
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of Minneapolis, is taking a fellowship in pediatrics at
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with passage to India by troop-ship ; but when troop-ship accommodation is not
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conclusion, viz. : The Cancer of Animals is Essentially Identical to
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of removing the ovaries for mere symptoms — only for organic dis-
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force itself upon me at that time. It did not occur to me that in
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first gives an historical account of the various surgical proce-
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be cut or drilled in the plate, as well as openings for the threads.
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the mother through her long and anxious expectation of bringing