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light: Emily and Sara are all smiles about singing Christmas carols at the

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v.^sville, Lawndale Shopping Center, 852 S. Green River Road 477-4227

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more, with such improved facilities for diagnosis, the sanatorium

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— Dr. York, of " Druidic " fame, having found the

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noted. Of course, you will find the brain, nerves and

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of the red and white blood corpuscles, he goes on to

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flow of blood from the hepatic vein into the vena cava, first with both

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ally. We prescribed blistering and tonic treatment, good

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hand until the hand becomes dry, twice a day : should

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before. This is an important fact, in view of the almost routine

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cervical canal, and the diminution of the thickened and indurated portio-vagi-

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partner. Both may learn the sacredness of the marriage relation,

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Metschnikoff is the apostle of the doctrine of phagocj-tosis, which

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begun, together with atophan. In four days the temperature had returned

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high authorities as Dr. Barnes, of London, asserting ^' that he

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wholly free from risk to mother and infant. (5) That his success

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however, any other unfavorable features. As the temperature at 8 p.m. was

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sions with respect to [her] business matters and my

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shock is no doubt the sudden interruption of the nervous pathways

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be absolute ; indeed, the great aim in treatment is not

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Development of the Oocysts in Cultures. — In order to determine cer-

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acquaintance who could compare his present mental state with the one

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spts. of ammonia is best stimulant to prevent nervous prostration.

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is of an infectious type other joints are involved in most cases.

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deepening into complete coma and terminating in death.

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them by the Academy. They shall also notify to appear

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purity), and is thus sufficiently pure; but if it smells musty

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Louis J. Mazzucchelli, d.m.d., Clinical Assistant in Operative Dentistry.

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the vear in which the childbirth occurred. It is at once evident that