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Set in a moderately hot oven. Stir every fifteen minutes during the first

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a picture in themselves — the former looking, according

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incomplete, an abnormal fat may be present in the resulting scale-

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Scarlet fever, measles, eruptions, herpes are all the

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the tips of the thumbs over the supraorbital notches,

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A cysto-carcinoma of the left ovary, the size of the two fists, was removed

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required to be paid in each case, before admission, and the

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might have something to do with the matter; but here again I could

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against its invasion. The relative amounts of destruction and

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an obstetrical examination. By it the greatest amount of infor-

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first place, purely orthopaedic treatment will often suf-

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rectum, owing to the presence of a polypus or of haemorrhoids.

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the surgeon may readily observe the exact condition of the herniated

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of vacation, in July, his practice was conducted by

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All a sow wants is a suitable place to farrow, and be

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the elucidation of our problems and for all detail work connected there-

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in right leg, which became first stiff, (rigid), and then began to

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physicians of his time from the year 1628, entitled

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to persons suffering from chronic diseases, but does not appropriate

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from drifting into the dark sea that hath no limits. The doctor knows

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its object the abatement of the abuse of medical charity,

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professional skill, but who at one time had publicly upheld the

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urged against the practice of arresting post-partum hemorrhage by injecting

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suliject. (ert.iin diseases must aNo Im- seen <-linir-nliv

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the therapeutic possibilities of the antimeningococcic serum are far

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Uegent Suegeey By Felix Lejars. Translated from the Seventh French Edition by

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of active practice, and will make a prolonged visit to Europe.

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iH HO mucli 8lron^'«r is llu* union uft(!r yon luive f^ot it.

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strong adhesions between the two layers of the pleura at the site

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separate distinction in the opinion of the bulk of society.

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nately prev<;nted from ap()*'ttring by indiHpo»»itioii, wm

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of asthma may be relieved by this method. His view that a cure,

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had within a week. The stools are acholic She had a chill on

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To ascertain the effect of the bromide of potassium on the capillary cir-