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which no drug was given there was a rise in temperature in three

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between the vaginal junction and the internal os the latter re-

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their origin from "svhat was at one time an intra-corpuscular amceboid body, he regards the

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Dr. Kaumheimer, of Milwaukee, Chairman of Committee

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Pelvic examination showed an atrophic uterus pushed slightly to the right

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is due to several causes — first, the preservation of a normal unchanged

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atioii, and for two months there has been no retui-n.

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permeability in them. Woodyatt and his collaborators have adopted

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In addition to noting the symptoms and history, a careful

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and yielding readily to slight pressure. Has had a small evacuation

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CaCl2 should act upon gelatin chloride exactly as salts of the type

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wise, contented, and happy. They had other things to do be-

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and lumberman. Then meeting reverses, he came to this country again, four

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sum not less than one hundred dollars, and not exceeding two

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The advantages of a method of tliis kind are that the experiments

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Simple apparatus for carbonic acid gas applications (Fig. 1) 270

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images, central scotomata, or other chromatic sensa-

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offers supeiior advantages over the older procedures.

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hundred square inches, over all of which the tension and pressure arc

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where he can pull back and l^ecome a halter puller. Tie him with

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surgical measures. Haemorrhage in the tonsillar bed"-'-' should

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5. On Medical Literature, by Dr. A. C.< Black, of Newark, 0., was the author of

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the end of May no compHcations had been observed, with the

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and the boards of directors represent the stockholders who

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It is irrational, however, to fix a definite time for the appearance of vaccine

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in contact with active cases of lobar pneumonia due to infection with

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of a printer and obtained a situation as salesman in a paper warenouse.

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it may be for years. It is no uncommon experience to hear that a patient

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are identically those of the disease in the adult. In