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BC/BE Internist to staff its new satellite medical clinics.

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greater. Their penetrative energy and other wounding qualities

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leucorrhoea of a very acrimonious nature this disease may be com-

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literally nothing but consume drugs, talk of her ills.

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(b) physical signs; (c) roentgenography and fluoroscopy; (d) some-

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medical science and for my own part I find the comparatively

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and that death is due to palsy of the respiratory centre ; but Dr. Bruce

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including those pubhshed within the last eighteen years.

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in her eighth year. A more happy and contented household

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others it was generalised, and accompanied syphilitic endarteritis, gum-

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depending upon the irritability of the case, sav from five to

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typhoid fever, complement fixation was present in but one case, a

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previously noticed. No single one of these five exhibits rheumatic

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withstanding the widely-spread cellular change. The most interesting

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diagnosis. The principal causes of my mistake were the persistence

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mental Medicine on November 30. 1908, was an event of unusual

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The Treatment o/ S>/phiIis hif thr EhrUch-Hatn Remedy. A

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oft" from each kidney separately. This method is of course

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paid, on receipt of $2.50. Sample mailed on application.

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ture of the mouse septicemia bacillus, one of the objects being to de-

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Out of a crew of nineteen, fifteen were attacked by

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inanition and emaciation seem to be the chief causes of gelatinous

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rectum, vagina, etc. Dr. Ransohoff appends the following

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constantly changed so that the vermin cannot spread.

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The members of the Board are without exception earnest, honest,

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has improved simultaneoasly with the culture of the soil, as well as after the removal of

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for the recovery of a degree of irritability of the nerve-endings at the