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Hospital for duty and assignment to quarters. Cofer
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or dead and decomposing animal matter especially the
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tion of stool constant urging and ineffectual straining
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the average cases where the whole naso pharynx is the seat of the
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intervention. The stomach is oj ened and the suj erficial ulceration
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tions applied between the part and the heart. For example
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Uses by Dr. Craig. The Obstetrical held its first meeting on Ihe
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Proposed Course This endeavor will continue in on the same scale.
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use it with more and more reserve. Where lies the truth
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eftects upon the bowels and on the disease. The warm bath
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before his admission. On that day he complained of pain in the chest
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would sometimes in tlie hands of the old operators even retract
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all methods but are specially well marked in those stained by
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ignorant of its primary nature and helpless as to its cure.
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The members of the N.itional Committee on Jfedical Legisla
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exudation from the axilla or inside of the thighs possibly
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continuous white membrane much resembling a diphtheritic
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virulent bacteria has been said fay one set of observers
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I am strongly ojiposed to inebriates being confined in
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believed from rupture into his trachea. No post mortem was permitted.
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sagittal suture to an almost complete defect of ossification of the cra
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opment of the colt. On the other hand an unlucky strain may give
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certain articles of dress in the grave from which the body had been
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warm water to be received into the lungs by means of Mudge s
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micrometastases and survival rates have been not re
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description of stricture and to restore the urethra to its healthy
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common than to see malarial patients returning to their work after
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these cells are arranged and from which results the unity
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five stones after first dilating the female urethra.
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We sincerely regret however that in considering some of the more prominent
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If detached portions cannot be restored but threaten to slough
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to demonstrate the way in which the supply of trained
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gouty. Not to mention here the agonising neuralgise due to
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pointed out in the article to which reference has already
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to suppress the symptoms diarrhoea and vomiting it is dangerous
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but continued to grow through the later years. His intellectual
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the lighting up of latent and incipient disease as a result of the
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relax a certain tension of muscles that of itself prevents the brain anemia
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that there were no symptoms of fever no local pain and the question