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controlling CMV retinitis, but repeated injections given over

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producing impression travels, and upon every nerve-cell through

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lonculns Maconnii, Britton, Trans. N. Y. Acad. Sci. xii, 3 (1892).

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Markus {Prager medicinische Wochenschy^ift, No. 21, 1890) describes the

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the pus corpuscles. No less extraordinary information can be gleaned

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becomes more diseased, the swellings spread and become

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the operation, when the elastic compression was removed, and the

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When these changes are not produced in this characteristic com-

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nerve by flexing the thigh upon the pelvis, keeping

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attacks were all very similar, and consisted of a some-

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fibrosis of the ovaries. Although every variety of menstrual disorder

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not uncommon to see it return to the joints which it had abandoned,

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early day, equal, if not superior, to any medical Institution in the coun-

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animal, taking care to excise a larger portion of intestine,

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as results from menorrhagia or from bleeding piles, or even from frequently-

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some latent cerebral weakness, the accident merely revealing them, and

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9. Pickering NJ, Brady JI, Barrett MJ: Von Willebrand’s syn-

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The early idea of utilizing lumbar puncture as a method of drainage, by

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bottom of a narrow cavity, and of being able to scarify and stitch

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we have, the tendency has been to dwell in rooms, as Dr.

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the antiseptics being arranged in the order of their decreasing toxicity

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Earlier inquiries into the subject of disease prevalence bear in some

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poisoned and degenerate as the result of bygone syphilis. Other authors

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they should be named more briefly " ary"-epiglottic, folds ; the

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