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February nth, 1893. The convalescence was protracted
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I* have given this brief description of a certain class
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is not lost in describing a little more in detail the few
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suckle her offspring, but otherwise a young and healthy nurse
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cated. It is impossible satisfactorily to account for the
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temperature), with occasional slight cardiac irregularity. On the
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inch and a-half below and behind the right nipple. The patient
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and of the small intestine was saved for microscopic examination.
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practical. The great object in view, in the management of
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gas and turbid fluid on opening the abdomen. Stomach
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co^us, thoagh not triyial, and were not attended by
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benefit in several large multicenter clinical trials. 71314
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portion of oxygen in the atmosphere must be constantly varying, and
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before, and success will no doubt greatly advance medical work in New
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the base of the first metacarpal, and the "tabatiere anatomique" — •
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page, but is burdened with much irrelevant matter. Such a digest, at
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type, the centre of the pock becomes dark-red from hemorrhage. This
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that only about 16 per cent of the cases bitten by rabid animals appear
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that the usual age of persons dying with cancer of the
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upon the 02iposite side of the body, with persistent
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Some collections of statistics give as high as one-third
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same author (24) also records a case of softening of the vermis and
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stammering, I shall only say that they should never be had
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if we must wait, to send the dangerous cases to the
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of skin is mostly strongly marked round the eyes, and I have
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hunter, the polo pony, the hackney, the shire horse, etc.
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with open tuberculosis, roentgenological examination has demon-
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