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ky>-iii;ican membrane, or cJaustnon -virginale : but I must do

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my conclusions. They simply were not suspected. Every fact in

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left lung ; after ten weeks marked improvement ; in twelfth week worse ; five

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benefit of those of the Class who wish to congratulate us upon.'

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taught to recognise letters and words ; and simultaneously two sets of

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of the patella, 400; fracture of the lumbar vertebr.-e, laminectomy,

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described as flexuous; and its situation as depending into the pelvis;

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infrequent. In one year, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, out of

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ticular use of exploratory puncture. He recommended

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avoid this latter termination we must keep the infant wrapped up

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the anterior surface of the stomach. The fastening of two

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curetting the middle ear proper, but opens the antrum

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vations with regard to the generation and development of animals,

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parturition, and after parturition the posterior vaginal

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caemia, etc. It is regarded as a highly important remedy in

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"The Inhibitory Action of Listerine," 128 pages descriptive of the

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he thought that possibly morphia might of late have

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ever, noticed as anything remarkal^le until about Friday, October 23. Tiie

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women. Of these, 131 had a history of syphilis, — 115 men

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and from the dissipations of these arise the common evils of wealth.

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take up the brachial artery for bleeding from incisions made by

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a well-conducted asylum for such, were known to be the child-

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halo of sanctity and sets him apart as especially holy,

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Profe*<or Preyer, of Jena, read on the subject " Science

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begins in a considerable proportion of cases in childhood — it

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look out for farms that are situated on high lands, possessing

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ing." A fatal case of poisoning from them does not, however, seem to have been before