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way, perhaps by sharp turns which the gut had made at that

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(2) The facial part of the skull is enlarged out of all proportion to the cra-

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greater vigour of systole, there is no difficulty in understanding how

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pulse is rapid and weak, and oftentimes intermittent. In

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although on the whole less advanced than those found in an

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the faeces, and very rarely is the blood accompanying the pas-

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the lowest, which is at the shore, these conditions are ex-

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the temperature is highest. Humidity has been supposed to favor the

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"The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., Chancellor of the University,

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of ascertaining the condition of the lachrymal canal when

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the evening and lasting all night, or else for two or three days."

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and the cerebellum. In all probability they pass through

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across the terminals, and an ammeter in series, so as to know exactly

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tuberculosis, anti-tuberculous therapy should be initiated

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first upon one side and then upon the opposite, remembering that after the

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vestibules, which generally show no internal contamination. It is a matter

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*^* This instruction may be taken prior to the date of registration as a dental

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No effect was observed as a result of the use of tuberculinic acid ;

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imposing to people generally, that they are led to expect toe

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that of a pea. They were red and inflamed and sharply defined

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study of the skeleton of the giant showed that there exists

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dense adhesions of the fundus and the posterior surface. 5.

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Lcial feeding as from breast feeding. It is well known that the

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strong enough pressure be applied to occlude the lumen of the artery, a systolic " pres-

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viscera, the large elongated fusiform cells are not discoverable.

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The above articles and books, with a variety of medi-

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portion of their course, and is especially apt to be slight in children and old

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the bulk of the profession. The doctrine presented is, for the

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instance. The highest blood-pressure noted was 150 systolic, and this

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cause that the medical profession in the United States

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hung over the patient's bed. If the room is not kept free from smell,

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International Medical Congress. — The preliminary

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