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supplemented by lectures and practice in judging by scale

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of the older writers — is essentially a disease of childhood,

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issued an order that for six weeks no dog shall be allowed

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which swelling and induration of the periosteum with subsequent

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This is perhaps the extreme of those cases of general disorder

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was done he had not to rise once during the night. He is going about now, hale and

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atropia. 1J to 3 minims can be injected at one dose.

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the books without actually occupying one of the hospital beds.

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Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, March 31, 1892, No. 13, p. 279.— 13. Mott. Brit. Med.

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inch pipe running a few inches above the chamber for its entire length.

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tion of an abundance of suppressor T cells or a result of

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rays of light coming from close at hand strike the eye

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Contrary to what might have been expected, soldiers from the

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over the part, and retained in situ by straps of plaster. 8he made a good re-

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Brown, I). Statistical records of intubation, 86; fatal case of vesi-

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of Hponitiic cerrl)ro-H|)iniil ftncr. Th« fij.'urcH wliich I

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shadowy as even a possible art. It received no aid from

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• — 13. Griffith and Sheldon. Journal of Mental Science, \&9Q,'g.2'iS. — 14. Hitzig.

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of a cicatricial alteration of the quadriceps following

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Anatomy of the Mamma, — ^The lacteal glands, <x mamma, are com-

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As Sir Henry Thompson lived to be well beyfmd eigh^, and found

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Pulse rate 84 per minute, wave small and weak, tension low. The

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evacuations of all these patients, and there was but a very

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from the nostrils of the patient, the disease always terminates fatally !"

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gauze the cyst was punctured with a fine needle, giving exit to a

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markably healthy, and may be regarded as exempt from any pre-

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is withdrawn into the syringe in order to be sure that the needle

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simply on account of one peculiar effect produced by the

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avoided and the credibility of the record will remain intact.

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place, however, only to a certain extent, because the pressure of tlie exudation is

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most frequent cause of cracked heels is unprepared for

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fervice, and will fometimes give great relief, as ic

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which occurs with considerable frequency. Anaemia and sweating with

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cision over the point of greatest swelling. There are no important