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statistical inquiry. Thus Wickman, in one localised epidemic in
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arise the mal-nutrition of tissues, and the disturbance of the organic
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minutes. The rapidity and certainty of the result are the only advan-
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heart would not stand it. He was then lost sight of imtil the
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bone seems to consist of the gelatinous matter of new formation, in
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ulent inflammation of the nasal sinuses. The frontal and ethmoid sinus
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for harmlessness and can be safely used by general practitioners.
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over his bodily and mental states, provided his person-
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rotation, all students attend eight half-day sessions in the clinic with faculty and residents.
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*What a fearfol picture is that drawn by M. Voibin in one of his latest
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time, unless it is especially pointed out. St. Basil,
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the most powerful of all the ham-string muscles, though only
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Tbeatmex't. — Clip the hair over the course of the trachea and
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It is a well-conceded fact that the life and influence of any of
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especially worthy of recollection. Two dogs were inoculated with
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interest. Usually the liver and the lower pole of the spleen extended
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Of the eight experiments, five were .successful and
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Epidemic jaundice has thus no direct causal relationship with
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which died of pneumonia, it must have equalled nearly 10 per cent.
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fingers, although their functions may be retained, can seldom be
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of the United States. The reader will con-, quire a certain atmospheric condition to de-
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Pellagrin 824, aged 17 at onset of pellagra in 1910, suffered a mild recur-
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patient's family physician, and the special surgeon found a
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small volume in an open flask. The solution was cooled, acidified
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preparations, peptonized milk, and other concentrated
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nor indirectly from the air, and also not by spontaneous generation. We must
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Rob. "On the Active Constituent of the Thyroid Gland," Brit. Med. Journ. vol. i. 1897, p.
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then a work of all-surpassing merit, and even now holds its
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is not a rare one; that I have seen it several times in this large city;
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tended and there may be diarrhoea. In such a condition there is often great
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which affected so disastrously, as this, the mucous
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