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Denowitz, Jill Grossman. Instructor in Medicine. Assistant
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tion, the tidal air being taken as five hundred cubic
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manipulations and the use of the malleable iron splint at night will remedy
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certain general objects, called the indications of cure, which must
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ly acidulated with sulphuric acid, efficacious from that, like the water
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be seen on the outside of a mug or tumbJSr, on a hot
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claim it for our profession, and after all, what we
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1420. All men of the hospital corps will be instructed under the
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four hours, which gave more relief from pain than any
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each side of the arm by means of the webbing, which
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the chyle duct by enlarged (tuberculous?) bronchial nodes with
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venience of the patient ; no unnecessary delay on the part of any one
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reawakening still exist in the form of an abdominal tumor,
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Men showing definite intelligence defect present the most dis-
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nately at the present time no mask is entirely satisfactory. Perhaps the
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the largest percentage of cases, Boston 1.28; smallest number,
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the second the serous coat only, while the third takes in all of the
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ed, from a real, though perhaps unconscious infraction of na-
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