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told me, that the practice of the Homoeopathists is an admirable one,

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No doubt some of you have visited that sanitarium in the Black

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J. B. C. Fournier, in 1896, made a careful study of the heart in acromegaly

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causes, reference is made to neuralgia resulting from overwork of

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LITERATURE. — For references to cases of apparent death see Taylor's Prin. and Practice

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the strangles, is seen on the side of the face, and even on

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B 4. Ovarian tumour grows from below upwards, and generally

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afterwards the author found him sitting in a chair, conscious, and able, though

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Hirst, Stanley. Studies on Acari. No. 1. The Genus Demodex,

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4. In glycosuria following attacks suggestive of pancreatic

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Lateral ventricles much distended and contained clear fluid. Veins of Galen

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