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3. Hemorrhagic Rash. Some variety of this is not uncommon. In 38
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south side of the Acropolis, between the theatre of
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arose a course of drastic purging, in all cases, which
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dissolving on shaking, and also gums under dry chloroform but does
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anytliing should happen to the plate before adhesions have
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Dr. George H. Simmons, editor of the Journal of the Ameri-
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nective tissue, or between the bone and periosteum ; there is
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viz., Drs. Lachapelle, L. Larue, and Perrigo. The President
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The most interesting and at the same time the most mysterious of all
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vast amount of work to be done before we can arrive at an accurate opinion
the effects of combination therapy with dutasteride and tamsulosin on clinical outcomes
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bined therapy and the patient closely followed until threat of cardiac failure is over
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ITie following cose, which was under Mr. Lane's care ten years since, will
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hepatic cells are greatly damaged, as in poisoning by chloroform or
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customs and allowances of our ancestors. "When, indeed, was it not done ?
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elementary facts of the biology of micro-organisms, the means by which
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The difhculty is, indeed, in the direction of selecting, from the large
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maxim as false as it is mischievous. A past generation had no diffi-
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woman should not have ovariotomy {lerformed because
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4. That, when slaughter is necessary, in order to avoid eco-
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since he is confident that doses which are capable of producing sleep
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replies to this questionnaire. I submitted this to the Deputy Minis-
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absorbing influence of the first be relinquished, and the happiness of the individmd he
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fluid state with no more dilution than may be neces-
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have succeeded by various methods in infecting rats by feeding
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therein in confusion. There was method in all his acts, and
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a specific bacillus. (3) That the microorganism is a diplococcus. (4) That
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ordered an ointment of iodine and hydriodate of potass
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The conclusion to which they arrived was adverse to the proposed