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1816,) and Hufeland, (Conspectus Morborum sec. ord. nat. adjunctis characte-

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forming circular (lat discs, slightly thicker in the centre

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the female flowers grow together side by side. The same

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in front, but behind it extended only to one side below

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English preparation and absorbes light by day and gives it off at

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sensory ; its form is a convex globular, covered by its

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inanition and emaciation seem to be the chief causes of gelatinous

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for combating the disease. The fact should be widely published,

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fields of research and it was not long before the truths and

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conditions of greatest possible quietude, and the absence

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Boards of these noble institutions, but if it occurs that by

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stant. The deviation is probably due to the fact that the photo-

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5. When a pure cultivation of the organism is introduced into the

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tinued observation, elimination and the grouping to-

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is poured oat into tbe tabes by which they are occladed, and such im-

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drug in many cases. Attention is therefore here called to the very

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does not show wear and tear as readily as does the white, and it can

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Fitzpatrick. Australasian Medical Gazette, p. bSl, 1894

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I found at Bellevue hospital, and of which I could obtain no

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advisable to make the injection ten to fifteen minutes

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I think that Dr. Williams cannot have read Dr. Champ-

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grains, but by the development of algse and protozoa in the

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The other two bodies (kairolin and chinolinethyl-hydride),

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Senator Leverett Saltonstall in memory of his son, Peter B. Saltonstall.

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upon infantilism and myxedema, in which lie <h-mon-