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tassse is so great in its action on atropine, that less than twenty minims of the former
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Hospital on April 1st, 1905, and died on IMay 25th. He complained
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adults and unattended with ))ain or nausea, the so-
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cyst that cannot be sutured within the alxlominal inci-
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and the temperature of the room maintained at about 62° to 65° F. We
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of Salernitan teaching are all Greek and not at all
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shares and many a weak and trembling heart, which finally
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From these measurements and analyses it was found that the average quantity
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The good health of a person depends largely upon the kind of Food he
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by the operation, and though not entirely cured, still expresses herself
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from the position of extension to that of flexion." ,(Soub-
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was slowly "healing;" one was treated by ''position and
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ment was sent into a district reported to have 9,000 cases
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of witch-hazel, and a decoction of white oak bark, will be
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firmly and move them up and down upon the bones as if they were a
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of a fluid within a system of tubes could be solved.
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fetus which measures over five inches head-rump length, it is evi-
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which are commonly fuppofed to have at leart a ihare
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crucible, then add I oz. ([uicksilver, and powder wheu
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SEYMOUR, Christopher, Northampton — 1869 — 8 to 10; 7 to 9.
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the direction in which the edge of the shadow moves will
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Horowitz, Paul. Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.
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dose. A little ginger should be added to it to preve
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conditio sine qua non that the patient should take light wine in
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be the result of tubercles or of a bygone inflammation ; neither is it
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^ Macdonald, quoted by Wyllie, "Disorders of Speech," Edin. Med. Journ.,
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we should regard them as very serious lesions, suggesting intra-
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cule, then it follows that the electrical conductivity must be proportional
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ment is not painful, prolonged and frequent hot sitz baths are of
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rounded by a narrow zone of induration. An acute edema then developed (Fig.
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