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sets of capillaries, from the arteries to the veins and from the veins to
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idle farm horse during our long winters, the high-bred os,
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one grain of ipecacuanha, night and morning, given to relieve the
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resembling more than anything else the so-called "army step,"
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creature laboured under a sad complication of disease. She had
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Care should be given to the character of the food, avoid-
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ment of tuberculosis, and the shock of the operation, or,
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passes over a limb and breaks it; indirect violence, as when a man falls
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sufficient to reveal the nerve disorder. In case there is a general
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ation of the diaphragm, at the fifth or sixth rib, is bounded on
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Was healthy as an infant and child. Has not yet men-
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Now the superficial observer might easily conclude that such things
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under consideration. The Board of Trustees supported a
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before death, and injected it into the vein of the ear of a rabbit, and
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membranes, difficulty in breathing, and coldness of the surface.
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wounding his bride by apparent decrease of interest as tiie honey-
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other departments of drugging, this is more prolific of infantile disease
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careful correlation of the diit'erent factors and individual judgment in
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extremes of time after strangulation, before gangrene occurs,
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The following were read and, on motion, were allowed :
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advising early removal to the environments of the hospital of
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to restore health, except in effect similar to the disease. Such
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19. Olmstead, M., An antigenic classification of the Group IV pneumococci,
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were noticed blotches upon the neck. At twelve o'clock, the
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The great diBappointment in r^ard to salvarsan was in its failure,
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sible to bring the tibia down to its proper position,
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tality from diarrhceal diseases under one year; for
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follows severe hemorrhage, diarrhea, and over-work of all
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of auricular fibrillation. As with other clinical problems, an inti-
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and I am always more surprised to find lively reflexes