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muscle and the negative upon the limb at a short distance above. The

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upon v^ry slight occasions, but it was not permitted without a bill specify-

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growths from the mucous membrane, which resemble the tumours

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typhoids besides enteritidis and the group considered here. The hog-

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which, being argued, the court refused to grant ; whereupon the

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2. Turcot J, Despres J-P, St. Pierre F: Malignant tumors of the

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are kept dark, the whole object being to render the animal

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position by plates; plates are seen in picture, and small lines on either side are

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on the back of the neck, doing it just before meals.

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Godfrey, John, surgeon. Detailed as recorder, Board of

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adhesions with the wall of the trachea or bronchus develop, and in this way

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sometimes red blood corpuscles, in the urine of animals (cats, dogs

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AND Great Ili.\c Vessels ; No Symptoms of Intermittent

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number of instances it may be done, if the patient is

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merly built for and used as a hospital by the Cubans,

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after exposure to syphilitic infection, it is well to search out the cause,

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It is true that any effort to right ourselves in our position

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rule, regular astigmatism ; it is characterised by the re-

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bloody, and finally foetid discharge flows from the nose.

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important thing being the contraction of the thorax on the convex

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surface of the liver appeared a little irregular, but there was

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Summary. — Case No. I. — A young man, aged 22 ; progressive

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fied butter. In this manner you may do any firm fish.

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last few years than ever before, and have been very

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13. Section of the anterior portion of the upper jaw.

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tolerated at all; unless some fellow is sly enough to get away without being caught

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One tablespoonful arrowroot mixed to a paste in cold water; stir

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