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Uterine corporeal haemorrhage may be due to retained products of concep-
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helpless boys and girls with vacant eyes, and skins wrinkled with prema-
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these forty, or 46 per cent, have proved successful, the
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^ Dr. Eake has uot seen them in these positions although he made many autopsies.
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dangers. The sky, however, was clearing, and as a good
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remain with us to the last moment of our lives, and no doubt will remain
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unconsciousness was so slight and incomplete that I was able
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filled with bacterial cultures and placed within the abdominal cavity of
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tion. Death took place from exhaustion. At the autopsy, made
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when spoken to ; pulse 90, irregular and thread-like. Thel
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surface over which the heart' s beat is appreciable, as well as its
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tion of gastric juice even in the absence of food in the stomach.
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the different drawings occurred within a period of thirty-five minutes.
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the patented preparation known as " Bromural," which is now no longer
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Constitution (since admitted mto the Union), the Governor,
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tific development of the subject, a discussion of dan-
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would have been present in expired air to account for N present. t
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gology, and all Zymotic or Febrile diseases, th§ best clinical testimony having
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frame. Consequently where one system is weak, judicious attempts
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vexity of the brain ; and there was a patch of consolidation at the base of
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sions are presumed to come from hypersesthesia, an increased
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self, it was advocated by its autlior with much force
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casts in the urine of a person afflicted with dropsy and albu-
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should be applied on the back and front of the hand, reaching from
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vantage, I do not wish to imply that it is a simple
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impossible to mention every contingency which may arise, and
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several months, for fear of the scar yielding and causing aneurysm or
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A reliable process for preparing syrup of tar has long been a desi-
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45. Bousser MG. Eschwege E, Haguenau M, etal: 'AICLA' controlled trial of
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der, put it in a clean box. Set the box on a handy shelf,
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puration. The abscesses are at first multiple, spherical, and discrete;
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