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in which early investigation and action appeared to be most desirable.

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parts of the lung not affected by emphysema show intense congestion

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turned out and another lot put in. As soon as through

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which means the alleviation of pain and the saving of human life. I refer nota-

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receive from certain colors an impression differing from that ordinarily

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reliable barometer, by which the effect of general treatment may

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to. If we are not mistaken too, there is a prevailing

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Marigold. — Calendula Officinalis. A garden plant.

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Deficient movement, and absolute wooden dulness, extending

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craving. The former begins to fret the moment he is out of the

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On the latter date there were marked dulness over the lower part

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the 4th and 7th wards of the city, among the newly-arrived immigrauu-.

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case, they seem to be somewhat more pronounced. Application of cold

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umbilicus. And in another, aged 22 years, the tumor was so large

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If done, they will mash easily and feel perfectly soft. Do not stir the rice,

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has broken out some trouble should be taken to prevent its spread.

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such as a weak relaxed state of the solids, a viscid state of

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tial. The first consists of fire itself; and the second, of those

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student of the art. These chapters are profusely illus-

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bing of the finger-ends may throw considerable light on the nature of an

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I have heard Sydney Smith say, that he believed the

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produced when the kidneys have been eliminating an unusually large

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to be the model seat of veterinary learning for all British sub-

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outline, particularly if the texture be fine and close.

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a decoction of bitter herbs, to prevent their return.

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Plumstead, where they only number about fifty members. The people