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an inconsiderable sore like a burn, which may be soon
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and, by pushing back the transversalis fascia, those lying
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The patient was placed in the Trendelenbur<j; posi-
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and nose. Place the patient on his back with the chest slight-
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Table 12 shows that the patient (Hosp. No. 2581) did not possess
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mortality is about four times as great among workers in dusty
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A SYSTEM OF HUMAN ANATOMY, General and Special. Fourth Ameri-
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should be induced. I do not think that we resort to this treat-
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tebral artery on the right side was very small, about one-third the size of
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and may prove fatal within a few days or even hours. Scarlet
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Printed materials are free and the videotape is $15.
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tification of the flesh" was the cry of those days, as
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that his investigations permit him positively to deny the suggestion of Leich-
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and enable us to speak with greater confidence of its existence.
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gress last winter that " the best medical talent in the country
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tinuously over the scar, and has not changed its structure.
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knowledge of that day. Excellent descriptions are given by a
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traumatic arteriovenous fistula. 1 This approach to lesions in
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profession. Doubtless, the discovery of the X-rays will induce many