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bichloride with instructions to thoroughly cleanse the conjunctival sac
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the nostrils, because as a liquid passes over the posterior nares it causes
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by these movements of the chest and the voluntary muscles, that
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Dr. F. N. Otis presented the urethra, bladder, ure-
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alimentary or urino-genital tract. Every influence which weakens
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— that pericarditis was liable to be accompanied with
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and descending branches. The ascending and descending fibers
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much agitated ; when the fit is over the patient feels drowsy
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Stew the oysters and pour over toasted bread or gems.
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examination, made after the disappearance of the membrane from the
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middle and inferior braids may be taken away without
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previously been in Paris and probably atMontpellier.
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These findings having indicated that, under favorable condi-
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was that of a young lady who is understood to have been exposed to
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In these and such like cases, there is, as a rule, plenty of
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The Treatment of Syphilis. — Dr. Morel-Lavallee regards as pro-
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this peculiar microorganism, it is necessary to keep in mind the frequent
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become enfeebled, which renders their assisting efforts in a great
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And if this fact shall be the means of opening the eyes of
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taining a transparent stroma ; beneath this another layer with its
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tions embodied therein have not been acted upon. The reasons
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came other troubles which raised her inquietude to a climax. When her
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inaugural thesis just published iu Paris, having carefully compiled and investi-
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each successive year easier and easier. This self-evident
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brane or to violent exertions in coughing, sneezing, di-aw-
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closet into which some of the clothing taken from the lady, with
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On dissection, the tumor proved to be the left kidney,
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80 on alternately ; the two metals always recurring
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to place the patient in a position, as nearly as can be ascertained,
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consciousness " where there was no reason to suspect
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The admissions during this month in the Military Hospital
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hot antiseptic solution which cleanses away the clpts and
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tial; to the former belongs distension of the fcetal coverings — ballonnement,
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Hospital at nine o'clock at night. I expected to op-
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matter) ; Arabian (Rhazes), Jadari ; Latin, Variola or Variolce ; French,
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is reason to believe that the appreciation of direction
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after wounds or other injuries, is called traumatic. And
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way in mechcine may not be known to all our readers.
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trained experts in the scientific branches, men whose
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N.B. — ^In the remarks on the *' H»mostatic Treatment of
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value. Gordinier's views are corroborated by Means and Aub in a
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the different methods of treating wounds antiseptically have
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Lastly, it must be remembered that in very severe cases par-
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finds some slight recognition of the modest but continuous effort to
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21 were over fifty, and 2 were under twenty. Syphilis
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