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The "beginning" of the first verse may have been ages be-

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554. Short-Cake (Spanish)— Ingredients— 3 eggs, Yz a cupful of

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defended very forcibly by M. Moutard-Martin in a recent discussion on this

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* Memoir on Sronchotomy, in Memoirs of the Royal Paris Academy of

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By Harvey Littlejoiin, M.B., F.R.C.S.Ed., aud T. W. Dfjnkwater,

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under surface of the prepuce. When the under surface of the prepuce

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The bride and bridegroom were afterward formally introduced, in their new

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cent, of Halsted's cases with undemonstrated glandular involvement

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of tlie newer methods, which in turn are not likely to be

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D'Arcet have stated the same fact, and in as many instances

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local franklinization. Dr. Videbeck and Dr. Seednik

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tissues. The amount of phosphoric acid in the urine is increased during

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digestion, it promotes assimilation, and enters directly into the circulation

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albumen, and its reducing substance (pyrocatechin or dextrose ?)

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of a large area of liver surface interfered seriously

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On the Sheridan Road, in Winnetka, 111., between Milwaukee

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pearance of pear-shaped, oval or triangular forms, of

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cinal preparations, &c. Send for a copy, or order through your

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iritis, vitritis, retinitis, papillitis, and optic neuritis— in

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of leprosy in South Africa are reported. He finds, says Ameri-

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spherical forms, karysome situated at edge of parasite; (2) large

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off lateral branches, which again unite with each other, forming a

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dents. The number of graduates for last year was forty-one.

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frequently affected. Irregular swaying movements of the limbs, the trunk,

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2. Proper glasses will bring vision up to normal in the majority

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or three days will probably ensure a flaccid intestine. A simple

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specimen under the microscope, the hyaline, colorless, and gener-

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think we can reasonably infer that the junior officers are

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original vacancies created by this act in the grade of

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sathyrosis which occurs in childhood and is due to rickets, osteo-

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Mix them. Set the mixture aside for two days; then filter

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Excitement — cessation of motion — pupils dilated — sphinctus relaxed —