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Moral degeneracy has its preacher, why should not physical degen-

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15 per cent. Under the bath treatment a large series will probably show a

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a serious reverse. Other patients may have an occasional l|

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laid, as in the case of an arm, upon a pillow covered with

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other reason than that it wanted them and had reached a certain age,

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Acetonitrile, 18. 60 mgms., 1. e., 1 mgm. per gra. mouse. Died 3§ hours.

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help. Crile has pc^ularized it under the name of anoci-associatico.

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Mr. Nunneley, Surgeon of Leeds, has announced as the result of a se-

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of retained menses, it is better, as a rule, merely to puncture and

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gested various Latin or Greek names, most of them referring either to the drojisical or to the

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It appears possible that in disease or intoxication tissue catabolism

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resolution was adopted at one of its general meetings :

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may not all be due to vascular disease, but those not so included are very

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and about 24 hours after the operation she began to complain of dyspnea

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times, they are localised in particular situations, to which they ha-

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acetate of potassa, etc.). If debility ensues feed weU and

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stopped. The usual means of resuscitation were adopted with-

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derangements. This gradual revolution of the system may be re-

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J. Kocyan, when he could not get a certain number over the telephone, shouted:

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Dr. A. Jackson Howe, of Cincinnati, speaks very disparag-

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small "moles" varying in size from a pin's head to a pea, most marked

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presence of maggots is to be avoided by attention to cleanliness and by careful

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After the vital actions have been re-established, the patient will require

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them the crowds of students that flocked there during

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Dr. Mack stated that the physiognomy of the disease was very

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sulphonal. In any case tried it availed little in less doses

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patient had gained 20 pounds in February, 1926. Temperature and pulse were

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fectly represented in "Saunders's Hand Atlas — Diseases of the

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the circulatory system. If the circulation is already sufficient, digitalis

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tion, Cabot, A. T.. 559; a plea for the more general use of the

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wt< : N»oeo : w <o i-« lo : o» ;eo : o •-' ««

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kindness and benevolence when opportunity offers ; by prayerfulness,