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tation indicates excessive moisture. Open woods are not unfavorable
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fever in animals, the many definite types of fever curves in man indicate
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urgent danger. The first was a very narrow escape in
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hibited the phials and the divers instruments which con-
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monthly profit shanng, malpractice (including tail) paid,
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dence of great pain. This disease is very fatal, and if extensive
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ceded my finally settling in London. Of the fifty-five
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convalescing from some communicable disease, who is still a chronic
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single arthritic manifestation — except bii stoppiin(i
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changes have been described, such as degeneration of the peripheral
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life, and yet the joints, even when examined micro-
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intensity of the morbid changes which constitutes the great
ever, showed conclusively that this was not the case, and that the lesion
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following sununer an outward deviation of the right eye was noticed. Prof. Halten-
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resection of a rib would be a necessity in order to drain, I hesi-
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The centre -pin of the trephine is difficult to clean.
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shall cease to issue ardent spirits as a part of the daily ration of the
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Bastiu, E. S., elements of botany, 63; Battershall, J. P., food
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37. Clinical Reports of the effects of Venesection in the cold stage of latermitteni
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56.' The author describes a new operation fbr cataract, for which he okims
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symptoms. In the village of Prairie du Chien, twelve or thirteen deatbiisi
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and delirium shortly afterwards, though the disorder was not noticed by
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the anus, about J or | of an inch only above its margin.
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pregnant state constitutes one of the recognized disturbances or
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,, average loss is about 25 per cent — B2 or B3. (Abroad.) '
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vicious and imperfect sanguification; the blood being defective in
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undesirable to submit her to a too detailed physical examina-
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the program, it was the only method available to the practi-
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the pleural cavity, and this, too, notwithstanding it may have
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say where else ! Of the modesty and gentility of this allusion we have noth-
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